Why Pregnant Women and Diabetics Need Dental Services More Frequently

Dental ServicesOur dental services are vast and range from preventative care to restorations and cosmetic dentistry.  Regardless of whether you need a teeth cleaning or a dental restoration, we are here to help. Our goal is to help you maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime. We do so by providing ongoing dental care. For most of our patients, bi-annual teeth cleanings are enough to prevent gum disease and decrease the risk of a cavity or infection developing. As long as these appointments are combined with excellent oral hygiene at home, our patients remain in good condition. However, there are a few conditions that increase the likelihood of an oral health challenge, and these conditions warrant more frequent care. Anyone with a compromised immune system should see us more regularly, as should pregnant women and diabetics. If you are in these categories, here is what you should know:

Pregnant women need more frequent access to dental services.

Pregnancy is an important time. Not only do you need to stay healthy, but your health directly influences the health of your unborn child. This makes every decision regarding diet, exercise, and medical care important. While most women secure an OB fairly quickly, few understand the importance of adding regular dental care into their pregnancy plan. This is a mistake because pregnant women are at an increased risk for gum disease due to having reduced blood flow to the gums. Simultaneously, gum disease has been proven to cause pre-term labor and low birthweight babies. This poses a health risk to your unborn child since preemies may need to spend more time in the hospital or could require intensive care. Fortunately, preventing gum disease is not hard. It simply requires you to visit our office for a teeth cleaning twice during your pregnancy and taking care of your teeth at home. Since gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque under the gums, keeping teeth and gums clean is the best way to fight the condition. It is also important to note that dental care while pregnant is entirely safe, so long as we know you are pregnant. We can make slight adjustments to our procedures, not taking traditional x-rays for example, so you can receive the care you need without any risk.

Diabetics should use our dental services on a regular basis.

White blood cells are an essential part of the body, the part responsible for fighting off infection. Be it a virus that goes around every winter, strep throat, or gum disease, the body has to fight off infection constantly. The challenge for diabetics is that uncontrolled blood sugar or diabetic episodes inhibit the white blood cells, preventing them from doing their job as an infection fighter. This makes diabetics more likely to get gum disease or any other type of infection. We can help by removing harmful bacteria and plaque from on, around, and near the teeth. This way, the body does not need to spend valuable energy fighting an oral infection. For this reason, we encourage diabetics to visit our office for a teeth cleaning after major diabetic episodes or once every three months.

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