What Are Dental Laminates?

Dental laminates, also known as porcelain veneers, are small pieces of porcelain that we can apply to the teeth to improve oral aesthetics. The benefits of dental laminates extend beyond looks. Dental laminates enhance the resilience and strength of teeth in comparison to regular tooth enamel. Patients continue to seek porcelain veneers to make minor alterations to tooth position, color, size and shape.

Candidates for Dental Laminates

If you have an interest in improving the look and strength of your teeth, ask about dental laminates during an appointment with us. Explain what you are looking for in terms of smile aesthetics and/or improved tooth strength with a dentist. We will help you determine if dental laminates are the optimal solution. The dentist will evaluate your unique mouth to determine if the application of dental laminates makes sense.

This smile analysis is necessary to determine if dental laminates are suitable for your teeth and whether they will produce the smile you covet. The dentist might even form a diagnostic example that shows you what the dental laminates will look like on your teeth after application. Such a photo of your new smile is known as cosmetic imaging.

Reasons to Have Dental Laminates Applied to Your Teeth

Dental laminates are optimal for situations in which the original tooth has contour, shape or color flaws. Laminates are also the best choice for fractured teeth, minor gaps between teeth, twists in teeth or a compromised position. Dental laminates even help patients who struggle with bite-related issues.

In some cases, superficial tooth stains will not respond properly to whitening treatments. Thus, dental laminates will conceal the staining or discoloration as the patient desires.

A Closer Look at the Dental Laminate Application Process

Dental laminates are actually a series of uber-thin layers that substitute for the tooth enamel. In order for dental laminates to be applied, a small amount of the tooth enamel must be removed. In most cases, we will need to remove a millimeter or less of the enamel. The elimination of this layer of enamel is necessary to create space for the dental laminate to fit in the mouth. The dental laminate restores the tooth's functionality while simultaneously improving appearance.

The connection between the unsightly or damaged tooth and the laminate is of the utmost importance as it improves aesthetics and provides a robust bond necessary for proper laminate functionality. A light-sensitive resin goes between the laminate and the tooth. This resin then hardens with a curing light.

The Soaring Popularity of Dental Laminates

Part of the appeal of dental laminates lies in the fact that they are customized for each patient's unique teeth. It is quite difficult to distinguish between dental laminates and completely natural white teeth lacking such coverings. Customized dental laminates are not susceptible to staining from coffee, tea or cigarettes as they are comprised of materials that required years of research and development to perfect.

This means your dental laminates are somewhat superior to your natural teeth. Furthermore, dental laminates allow you to retain your natural teeth with minimal alteration. Meet with your dentist to determine if dental laminates are suitable for your teeth.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Great Neck Dental Arts - Dr. Jeffrey L. Rubin DMD, request an appointment in our Great Neck dental office here: https://www.jeffreylrubindmd.com. Or call us at (516) 301-9032.

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