The Success Rates of Dental Implants


Our missing teeth solutions include dental implants. At Great Neck Dental Arts - Dr. Jeffrey L. Rubin DMD, we know implants are the most durable tooth replacement solution because they allow us to replace both the root and natural tooth. If you live in the Great Neck, NY area, we encourage you to visit our office before you have tooth extraction since we can take steps to prepare you for the implant procedure. As a general dentist, we place dental implants on a regular basis with a success rate of up to 98 percent. It is significant to present patients with an advantage over choosing more traditional solutions like dentures.

As a provider of preventative dental care, we also know the health of your teeth and gums pre-treatment will influence how successful the procedure will be. This is why we recommend that you have a dental cleaning and examinations first, that you consider getting dental sealants, and that you receive periodontics care if you have gum disease. Additionally, if you have an infected tooth and are in need of endodontics, you should have a root canal treatment first. Doing so will increase the success rates of dental implants for replacing your missing teeth.

Missing Teeth Solutions From Our Family Dentist Office

The durability, natural appearance and success rates of dental implants make them a preferable teeth replacement solution. However, for those who are not interested in a surgical option, we also offer dental bridges or dentures and partial dentures.

To schedule an appointment to discuss our missing teeth solutions or the success rates of dental implants, call our 11021 dental office at (516) 301-9032. When you visit our cosmetic dentist office, we can also provide you with information on dental crowns, dental restorations, dental fillings, dental veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontics, and our same day dentistry services. Additionally, we are an Invisalign® dentist who can straighten your teeth, a TMJ dentist who can reduce your jaw pain, and a sleep apnea dentist who can help you to breathe freely at night. If you are looking for a “dentist near me” to provide you with comprehensive dental care, dental implants, or Zoom teeth whitening, call our office and schedule a consultation.

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