Teeth Whitening Can Get You Ready for Your Special Day

Teeth Whitening
You can have a beautiful smile with teeth whitening services from Great Neck Dental Arts.  We are a local community dental office and feel privileged to be a part of our patient’s lives.  We treat patients starting when they are children and work with them as they grow into adulthood and have families of their own.  This has given us a unique opportunity to be part of the many special moments that make up a full life. 

When our patients come into the office talking about an upcoming graduation, wedding, reunion, or a special trip, we often recommend that they have their teeth whitened.  These are camera worthy moments, many of which happen only once in a lifetime.  A smile is often the first thing that people notice and having a beautiful, healthy smile can improve a person’s self-confidence. 

We help our patients to feel ready for their special day by performing a simple teeth whitening procedure.  Dr. Rubin provides Zoom Teeth Whitening with stunning results.  This in-office procedure can whiten teeth by up to eight shades in a single sitting. If you are considering whitening your teeth, remember this – in the time that it takes you to eat lunch, you could have a gorgeous white smile.  The procedure produces results instantly so that no matter how busy you are, your appearance can be quickly improved.  This procedure is also good for those with sensitive teeth.

There are other types of teeth whitening solutions that include over-the-counter products like whitening strips, trays, and toothpaste. These are not medical grade and typically only whiten teeth by up to two shades.  They can be effective for ongoing maintenance but should not be the first step in whitening teeth because the results are not very dramatic.  Other dentist offices offer teeth whitening trays that you can take home.  This is a much better solution than anything you can purchase in the store because they will fit your teeth, and the solution produces improved results.  The challenge is that the results are not instantaneous.  You typically have to wear the trays for at least a week which can be inconvenient for people on a tight schedule.  

Adults of all ages can benefit from whitening their teeth.  Age can make teeth appear dull and unhealthy as the natural luster wears away.  Simultaneously those who smoke, drink coffee, tea, or wine are also prone to getting stained or yellow teeth.  This is a normal problem to have, but one that negatively impacts a person’s appearance and their interactions.  In fact, a study by Match.com found that both men and women say that a beautiful smile is the number one thing that attracts them to someone.  This fast and easy procedure can make your teeth look healthier, restore a youthful glow, and statistically make you more attractive.  

Dr. Rubin and our team enjoy being part of our patient’s lives and providing solutions that can give them the confidence to smile boldly.  If you are getting ready for a special day of your own, call and schedule an appointment.  We will be delighted to treat you and whiten your teeth for those camera worthy moments.

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