Pros and Cons of Lumineers

Most people may not be aware of dental Lumineers because they are newer to the dental industry. However, they are said to be an effective treatment method. Lumineers are a brand of porcelain dental veneers that don’t require a lot of reshaping to the natural tooth.

As many people know, typical dental veneers require reshaping and resurfacing of the natural tooth in order for the veneer to be placed. With Lumineers, that is not the case! Today, we will discuss both the pros and cons of Lumineers. Being aware of both aspects will ensure that a person is well informed before deciding whether or not they want to move forward with Lumineers.

Pros of Lumineers

Because Lumineers do not require as much reshaping or resurfacing of the tooth, this brings a great advantage to a person because the natural tooth isn’t being damaged as much. Doing this allows for the natural tooth to be preserved and not incur as much sensitivity. With a typical veneer, a dentist shaves or grinds down the enamel of the tooth which destroys the outer protection of the tooth - causing for extreme sensitivity.

Dental Lumineers are also much thinner than a traditional veneer which can be beneficial to a person. They may not feel like their tooth is as dense as it would with a typical veneer, providing for a more natural feel.

Cons of Lumineers

On the flip side of a thinner Lumineer, because there is not much preparation that goes into the natural tooth (shaving or grinding down), the tooth can also feel thicker. With a dental veneer, a dentist wears the surface of the natural tooth down so that it fits. However, with Lumineers, the natural tooth is not worn down much, if at all, which may provide a person with a thicker feeling tooth.

Because a Lumineer can provide a thicker feeling, it may also affect the gum line. The edge might be thicker at the gum margin which can cause for irritation or inflammation amongst the gums.

Another disadvantage of Lumineers is that because they are so thin, it is often hard to mask the natural tooth if there is staining or discoloration. When building a Lumineer, dental technicians aren’t able to put as much color into it because they are so thin. Dental veneers are often used as a way to cover up a previously poor colored tooth, so if a person is seeking a Lumineer for covering up stains, then it might not be the best choice for them.


Lumineers are commonly being used as a way to restore teeth that have been damaged. They are a brand of dental veneers but they do have different aspects from that of a traditional veneer. Being aware of both the pros and cons of Lumineers can be greatly beneficial to those who are considering them.

If you have questions regarding Lumineers, then reach out to us today. We are happy to guide you through both the pros and cons, give us a call today!

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