New Types of Dental Sleep Treatment

Dental Sleep TreatmentMany people think of a dental sleep treatment, and a large oxygen machine comes to mind. While these are necessary for some people, medical technology has improved to the point that other treatments can be just as effective but without requiring the patient to wear a large snoring device. In fact, many of our current treatment options are incredibly discreet and easy to travel with.

The type of treatment you require will be determined by an examination and a home sleep study. By understanding your breathing patterns and oxygen levels, we can select from around 100 different treatment solutions.

Here are some of the dental sleep treatment options available to you:

Klearway oral appliance. This device looks like a clear upper and lower retainer that is attached with a metal piece connecting them. After running it under hot water, the appliance should be inserted and will conform to the teeth for a comfortable fit. Gradually, the jaw will be moved in order to improve breathing overall. This is done slowly to minimize any discomfort. Patients that use this device can still yawn, swallow, and drink without causing it to come loose. It is best for helping people that snore or have mild sleep apnea.

The Full Breath Solution. People that snore and have sleep apnea episodes throughout can benefit from using this device to keep their air passages open throughout the night. This way, patients don't snore and can get all of the oxygen they need to sleep and breathe comfortably. This is another non-surgical solution and has been available since 2006.

OPAP. This is an intra-oral device that allows airflow to go through to the back of the throat which serves to prevent the tongue and soft tissue inside of the mouth from collapsing during sleep and blocking air flow. The OPAP connects to the end of the CPAP machine so that a patient receives the same airflow benefits but with a potentially more effective solution. Many patients see their breathing improve when using these two devices together.

Respire – Blue Series. Respire manufactures several devices as breathing and snoring solutions. The blue series prevents the lower jaw from falling backwards and collapsing the airway. Keeping the lower jaw in place is essential for preventing snoring and allowing people to get the amount of oxygen they need to breathe fully. Basically, patients get more oxygen per breath by using this device.

The goal with dental sleep treatment options is to make it easier for patients to breathe. This is typically done by holding the lower jaw in place or moving it forward. By preventing the jaw from falling backwards, airways are kept open. There are a number of patients that need more comprehensive treatment, and that is when OPAP can be beneficial. With so many options to choose from, it is important to have a home sleep study conducted in order to monitor breathing habits and to receive a customized recommendation from a sleep specialist. Call today to learn more about the process and these new modern alternatives to combating snoring and sleep apnea.

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