How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Root CanalIf you need a root canal, you are likely wondering if it will hurt and how long it will take. You have likely heard bad things about root canals so you are probably dreading this upcoming procedure. Thankfully, root canals do not take nearly as long as most people assume.

The Basics of Root Canal Endodontics

All it takes is a tiny bit of bacteria to go unnoticed and find a home on the enamel of a tooth. This decay deepens as time progresses. It digs further into the tooth until it reaches the root. This is a painful experience. It was once a cavity and has now progressed to the point that a root canal is necessary. Yet a root canal is not a simple and easy procedure, at least relatively speaking.

Root Canal Endodontics: How Much Time Will It Take?

A root canal for a molar will likely require an hour and a half. A root canal for any other tooth will likely take around an hour. This procedure requires the movement of blood supply and nerve from a tooth. Once the infection is eliminated, the pain will dissipate. This portion of the root canal is actually a bit similar to the filling of a cavity. However, a tooth that can no longer access the blood supply will gradually weaken and break.

The crown is necessary to serve as a means of protection over the natural tooth. In the end, the dentist will ultimately prescribe three different things: the root canal procedure itself, the build-up and the crown. The build-up is required to support the tooth as well as the crown.

Plan Accordingly

If you are short on time, there is a slight chance your root canal procedure could be squeezed into a window of an hour or so. The post buildup portion will require at least 15 minutes. Another 15 minutes or so will be required for the preparation and fabrication of the crown. About 20 minutes will be required per root. Each tooth has a different number of roots. Some molars have upwards of four or five roots. Certain bicuspids have three. Some incisors have multiple roots.

The roots must be filled without exception. The dentist will verify the number of roots you have by taking an X-ray. For the sake of an example, assume the root canal on a molar has three canals. About 20 minutes is required per canal. Add this to the half an hour of prepping and the total amount of time is around an hour and a half.

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