Learn How Dental Implants Are Strengthened by Technology

Dental Implants
The idea of dental implants has been around for a very long time. It would be safe to say that humanity has always viewed lost teeth as an annoyance and had a desire to replace them with something substantial. Ancient doctors used bone, metal, and shells to craft replacement teeth that would be the equivalent of our modern day dental implant. However, thanks to diligent work in the medical and dental communities, no longer are these implants clunky relics of the past. Instead, we are using space-age materials and the latest technology to help sculpt the kinds of teeth that make it easier to speak, chew, and have a vibrant appearance.

While dental implants are part of ancient developmental history, the material being used these days to fabricate dental implants is certainly new to the repertoire of dentists everywhere. Titanium is used in a number of applications. From building parts of a spacecraft, to crafting the perfect tennis racket, Titanium is a versatile and user-friendly material. Non-toxic, it has proven to be a boon for doctors and medical practitioners everywhere, and the fact that it is non-corrosive makes it an ideal material for dentists and orthodontists to use it in the fabrication of replacement body parts. Teeth, as it would so happen, have been an ideal recipient of all the benefits Titanium brings to the table. 

The real power of Titanium goes beyond its flexibility. Titanium also has a unique feature which allows it to biologically bond with the living bone tissue once it has been surgically attached. This bonding goes above and beyond what the doctors can accomplish through surgery, and occurs naturally over the course of time. Known as osseointegration, Titanium literally merges with the bone and becomes a part of the entire biological system within the mouth. The titanium screw serves as the lost organic root and even works to stimulate bone growth and development. As amazing as this is, titanium brings one more element to dental implants which is critically important to folks who do not want their teeth loss and replacement, to cause a major lifestyle change. 

Our teeth are strong and are made of the hardest substance in our body, enamel. This is in order to allow the mouth to bite down with a tremendous amount of force, so as to start the digestive process. The human mouth can bite down, with its natural teeth, at a force of around 200 pounds per square inch. Titanium has allowed us to mimic that force, virtually identically. People with dental implants can bite down about the same as people with all natural teeth, and at a force of 200 pounds per square inch. When you contrast this with people who are wearing removable dentures, there is no comparison. People with removable dentures typically only have a biting force of around 50 pounds per square inch, and in some older patients that number goes down to around 15 pounds per square inch. This greatly restricts a person’s ability to eat whatever they want, and hence if people do not have a dental implant, they will be forced to make a significant lifestyle change as well. 

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