How Dental Crowns Are Made and Used

Dental CrownsIn our office, we use dental crowns to accomplish a variety of goals. This versatile solution has been used for decades to restore damaged teeth, but previously most people received a crown that was made of silver amalgam. While this material is still used to restore teeth and, inadvertently, create metal smiles, there is a far superior option. We offer all-ceramic and ceramic-on-metal crowns as well so that our patients can have their teeth restored in a way that looks natural. If you need a new crown or would like to have yours replaced, this solution allows you to do so without anyone noticing you ever had dental work done.

How they are made
In order to wear dental crowns, an impression must first be taken of your teeth. It is important for the dental lab to have the exact specifications for the crown that is being created, and this includes how your current tooth interacts with the surrounding teeth, in order to ensure that your bite is perfect. If a crown is created incorrectly, your bite will be off, and you will experience some discomfort while eating, making precision incredibly important. In order to prepare your actual tooth, we will need to remove a portion of the enamel from its surface. This ensures that the crown can be placed with little to no irritation of the surrounding teeth. We will provide you with sedation during this process to ensure your comfort and fit you with a temporary crown to wear while the lab is creating the final version.

All-ceramic dental crowns can be used to improve the overall appearance of your teeth. It can accomplish multiple things at one time including covering dark stains, closing gaps in between teeth, changing the shape and size of your teeth and more. This makes it possible to create a uniform and beautiful smile without the need for surgery or braces. Many of our patients prefer this solution due to how quickly it can make a dramatic impact when compared with more invasive options.

When a tooth has become cracked, chipped or the enamel has been worn away, it must be protected. Dental crowns are the ideal solution for doing so because a crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth entirely. By doing so, nothing can directly touch the damaged tooth, making it possible to bite down with force and eat without restriction or fear of discomfort. In this way, a crown makes it possible for teeth to remain in place that may have otherwise been pulled. Since the appearance of the crown can be completely natural, a restoration can be accomplished without noticeable dental work having been done.

If a tooth has been lost and you want to permanently replace it, crowns play an important role in this procedure as well. We can create a dental bridge by placing a crown on the two teeth next to the one that is missing. These crowns serve as an anchor for a bridge that will hold a new crown (synthetic tooth) in place. This is a durable solution for correcting a damaged smile.

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