How a Root Canal Dentist Treats Your Infected Tooth

As a root canal dentist, we can offer you the treatment you need to repair and save a tooth that is badly infected. Without this treatment, your tooth may become even more infected, develop painful abscesses, or it could even die and fall out. We can help you to preserve the life of your tooth and get rid of the discomfort you feel if you visit our root canal dentist office as soon as you can. Until then, continue reading to learn more about your situation and why you should seek help. 
Root Canal Therapy
During root canal therapy, also referred to as endodontic therapy, the pulp and nerves on the inside of your tooth are cleaned out, and the infection that has developed is removed. Although the outside of your tooth and is hard, the inside is actually made up of soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. This tissue can become infected by decay, a crack in your tooth, gum disease, and other causes. When your dental pulp is infected, you will experience discomfort, sensitivity, and even bleeding and swelling in some cases. Without root canal therapy, the infection will only get worse. It cannot heal itself.
Who Performs a Root Canal
As a root canal dentist, we are the most knowledgeable and experienced in this area of dentistry. However, a general dentist can also perform this procedure as needed though they do so less frequently. We recommend that you seek treatment from someone who has performed a lot of root canals like our office. Someone with experience will be aware of how to numb the area properly and provide the most comfortable and successful treatment available.
Why You Should Not Avoid Treatment
There are plenty of reasons why you should seek treatment right away and why you should not have your tooth extracted unless it is completely necessary. When your root and dental pulp are infected, they are dying. If you don’t have a root canal, you will lose your tooth. When you lose your tooth, you will put unnecessary stress on your other teeth when you chew which will eventually lead to more dental problems. You will also have a less appealing smiling. If the infection has spread to your gums, even when your tooth is extracted, your other teeth may still get infected and face the same issues. Not only will this treatment save your tooth, but it will also alleviate any discomfort you are feeling because of the infection. Additionally, a root canal therapy does not cause discomfort. The discomfort level can be compared to having a filling placed which is not much,  if any. You will notice a significant difference immediately following your procedure and will only feel better. You may notice slight tenderness directly after your root canal treatment, but this is natural and will go away quickly.
With all of the reasons to get quality treatment from our root canal dentist office, we suggest that you do so right away. Saving your tooth will allow you to enjoy many more years of a working dental structure without the expenses it would require getting a replacement.

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