Five Ways to Ease Dental Anxiety

Dental AnxietyMillions of people avoid going to the dentist every single year due to dental anxiety. Those who fear the dentist are not limited to one age group. People of all ages and backgrounds hate going to the dentist's office. Some are fearful of a painful procedure. Others do not like being positioned so closely to others while seated in the dentist's chair. Some patients have harsh memories of previous dental treatments and find it difficult to follow through with appointments.

If you struggle to make it to your dental appointments due to fear or nervousness, take a look at these helpful tips to alleviate dental anxiety.

Communicate With Your Dentist

Communication will go a long way in establishing trust between yourself and the dentist. Tell your dentist exactly what you are afraid of or nervous about. Ask plenty of questions. If you feel informed, you will have a sense of control that reduces anxiety and fear. Always be honest about your true concerns when discussing dental anxiety with the dentist. Consider working out a system of hand signals with the dentist. This way, you can make a simple gesture to communicate while your mouth is occupied. Be open, speak your mind and the dentist will prove that much more capable of providing effective treatment in a careful manner.

The Power of Distraction

It might help to distract yourself before and during the dental treatment. Put in your earbuds and listen to your favorite tunes. This way, you will not have to listen to the buzz of the drill and the sounds of other dental instruments.

Focus on Your Breathing

The manner in which you breathe during your dental treatments really does matter a great deal. Key in on breathing regularly and slowly throughout the procedure. This controlled breathing will help keep you calm. If you are not conscious of breathing, you will inevitably become nervous and likely hold your breath at some point. Holding your breath reduces oxygen levels and makes you feel panicked. Zero in on regular, slow breathing and you will find your stress level drops considerably.

Prepare Accordingly

The manner in which you prepare for your oral health procedure or treatment goes a long way in determining whether you prove to be a nervous wreck or make it through without incident. Do not consume a lot of food or drinks prior to the session. Do not consume caffeine on the day of the dental appointment as it will make you that much more nervous. Opt for foods that are high in protein. Protein-laden food creates a calming effect. Sugar-laden foods do the exact opposite.

Carefully Select Your Appointment Time

Any old appointment time will not suffice if you have dental anxiety. Consider the best time of the morning or afternoon to alleviate your nervousness. When in doubt, opt for an early morning appointment so you do not have to stress out about it throughout the entirety of the morning and possibly the early portion of the afternoon as well.

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